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Due to the unique nature of writing people's stories I cannot provide a standard price. Your investment will vary based on the extent of the project and the amount of research required. 


I write for you

Ethical wills/legacy letters

An ethical will aka legacy letter is an outline of your values and beliefs. It's a way to pass on your general thoughts and words of wisdom to your family. These focus less on your life story and more on your life views.

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A memoir generally looks at one aspect of your life told in the first person point of view, or "I". Memoirs usually contain little research and allow full immersion into your voice. They are more individualized in style and tone.

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A biography is a researched account of one's life, usually told in chronological order. They are highly factual and authored by someone other than the subject. They read more similar to a novel than a non-fiction book.

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I help you write


$40/hour — typing a transcript of your recorded notes


$40/hour — conducting the research you require and compiling it in a report.


$40/hour — edit and proofread your manuscript