5 Enlightening Work Life Balance Tips for Wellness Professionals

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Growing your business is extremely demanding of your time and you may be inadvertently neglecting your family and friends in the pursuit of your business goals.

Are you racked with guilt because you aren’t spending enough time with your kids, your husband, and your best friend? You don’t have to be. 

You don’t have to sacrifice your life for your business. 

As a wellness professional you know and understand the negative effects of stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and depression. But are you managing your own work life balance and avoiding these un-healthy side effects?

If not, you should step back and re-evaluate. Take some time to strategize a plan that will not only improve your work-life balance, but bring your spirit back into balance. 

Use these tips as a jumping off point to regain balance and continue to manifest your entrepreneurial dreams.


Work Life Balance Tip #1 – Set Concrete Work Hours 

As an entrepreneur yours and your employee’s livelihoods are directly correlated with how you run your business. This pressure pushes you to work harder to ensure your business doesn’t fail and you all can get paid.

Working harder and longer hours isn’t the answer to keeping your business afloat. 

Work smarter, not harder.
— Allen F. Morgenstern

I’m positive you’ve heard this quote before, but I want to bring it back into your thoughts. It’s not how many hours you put into your work, but how you use those hours.

I myself struggle to work effectively and often seek out ways to improve. 

The best starting point is to set concrete work hours and stick to them. 

Then, when your workday is finished, unplug. Avoid social media and email. Give yourself wholly to yourself, and those in your life who matter most. 

Studies have shown that the most successful entrepreneurs value their personal time. (1) 

You may find that simply sticking to a set schedule will help you discover new ways to work more effectively. If this one trick doesn’t do it, then the next one may be of interest.


Work Life Balance Tip #2 – Schedule Your Free Time

No, this is not the same as the first tip. Scheduling your free time is just as important as scheduling your work hours.

My intention is not to have you schedule every moment of every day, I personally don’t believe this is a sustainable way to live; however, by scheduling activities with your family and friends, you force yourself to step away from your desk and stick to your work hours. You also have something fun to look forward to. 

As an example, I sign up my youngest daughter for childcare at my local gym so I have a chance to workout. I am forced to go because I would have to pay a penalty if I cancel within 24 hours of our appointment. I don’t like wasting money, so we go every time. 

Similarly, you can promise to meet a friend, make reservations for date night with your husband, or pre-book concert tickets for you and your kids. Whatever, you’re into; find a way to schedule some fun and relaxation.


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Work Life Balance Tip #3 – Delegate

You don’t have to do everything. It’s okay to let go and ask for help. Even if you’re the face of your brand, you can find ways to delegate tasks that you either don’t enjoy, or which could use the expertise of someone with more experience.

As an example, I am a freelance health writer, and I help wellness professionals find better work life balance. How many hours do you spend working on your blog? Could your time be better spent elsewhere? If so, you may benefit by hiring a professional content writer. 

Evaluate your regular tasks and honestly assess if they could be contracted out or delegated to employees you already have. 

There’s an army of freelancers screaming for work online, reach out to them. Your health will thank you. 


Work Life Balance Tip #4 – Be Present; Make Every Moment Count

The quality of your time is more important than the quantity. 

By being present you make your time with your children more valuable and they can feel it. Put everything else out of your mind and just enjoy being a mom. Listen, play, be grateful for the time you have with them. 

When you are present in your work, you will be more effective and produce better results. 

Being present is not only limiting your distractions, but it is also requires you to do some work on yourself. 

  • Exercise, good nutrition, and the right amount of sleep will all help you remain present

  • Journaling daily helps you work out whatever issues or emotions that tug your mind away from the present moment.

  • Deep breathing and meditation practices are both effective tools to eliminate stress and help you remain in the moment.

  • If you experience plaguing issues or addictions that distract you throughout the day, then you may want to consider counseling.

As a wellness professional you understand the value of mindfulness, but are you practicing? Be honest and take the next step to improve the quality of your time.


Work Life Balance Tip #5 – Live without regret

Imagine your deathbed. Will you regret not spending more time with your family? Then don’t let it get to that point and spend time with them now. 

What will you want to say about the life you lived?  Really consider this point. Then make decisions that will take you there. 

Myself, I value my family over everything, they always come first. But I also want to leave a legacy. I want my life to have meaning. I keep these values forefront when choosing where to spend my time. 

Of all the tips, this is my favorite, so I left it for last. It may be a bit morbid to imagine your death, but this exercise can be very enlightening. 

Wouldn’t it be awesome to say, “I lived a life of no regrets!”?

I get all emotional just thinking about it.


Parting Wisdom

After reading about various entrepreneurs’ thoughts about work life balance, I determined there was only one consensus. 

Work- life balance is individual. What works for you may not work for another and vice versa. Creating a lifestyle you are proud of requires you to look inward to your core values and determine what matters most, then spend your time there. 

Entrepreneurship is not an easy path, but with persistence you will find your individual method for sharing your time with yourself, your family/friends, and your business. 

Thank you for sharing your time with me today. I truly hope I have inspired you. 

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Krystal Bernier is a freelance health writer extraordinaire. She specializes in writing high quality researched health articles for wellness entrepreneurs. She always reflects your brand and writes with the goal to convert readers to clients. She lives in Alberta and is mother to two wonderfully grubby little red heads. 

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