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Krystal Bernier

Being a mother has been an incredible experience. From day one, my life morphed into one of selflessness and patience. I love my little ginger girls with unmatched ferocity. This drive to protect my girls lead me to the idea of documenting my journey. I want them to know where they come from and who I am at my core. I want to share my knowledge, giving them the best chance at a good life that I can. So I have written them each a legacy letter and am currently working on a family history.

It can be hard to speak our truth aloud, to talk with our loved ones and pass on our wisdom. But when we write our stories down, magic happens. We can inspire our children and their children's children. A legacy is created. Our stories become legend. 

I've always found myself immersed in someone else's story. Fixated on novel characters and their journeys. Ensnared by a friend's retelling of their pivotal moments. Lost in a northern museum entranced by the incredible life of an inconsequential woman who walked from New York to the Siberian Straight. People are inspiring, especially those who haven't lived in the limelight. Those who've kept their heads down, done the best they could, loved, laughed, and know hard work. They have the most engaging tales to share. I would love to be a part of telling that story, whether by biography, memoir, or legacy letter. 

I look forward to helping you write your truth, immortalizing it for your loved ones, or even the world. 

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